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HELD 29th MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2013

To:                        GBR Board of Directors; GFFJ Board of Trustees; GBR Regional Chairpersons;                                    

     GBR National Chairpersons; GBR HODs; GBR Members

From:                  Office of the Convenor 

Date:                    8 June 2017

1.             Introduction


The Global Business Roundtable (GBR) Leadership Academy held its first class from 29th May to 3rd June 2017. A few months ago, this initiative appeared like a mammoth task to achieve. We wish to thank the Lord our God for the success of the Inaugural class of the GBR Leadership Academy.  It is testament to the promise that there is nothing impossible with our God and that He honours those who believe. Training and equipping our leaders is essential now and the lifespan of GBR. This will ensure that GBR Chapters all around the world subscribe to the standardised expectations in terms of how they are lead and how they operate. GBR members everywhere need to be assured that they will obtain the same level and quality of service, should they visit any Chapter in the world.


2.             Rationale for GBR Academy


2.1.        The GBR Academy is to play a catalytic role in ensuring the unearthing of Kingdom leaders from all sectors of society to eliminate leadership deficiency.  The Academy seeks to equip leaders not only for GBR, but for society at large, taking specific lessons from the leadership of Jesus Christ.


2.2.        At an Organisational level, the Academy is instrumental to GBR and GFFJ achieving their respective mandates and ensuring that we deliver a solid and completed foundation in 2020. We ought to ensure that there is uniformity and a meeting of minds insofar as the running of GBR chapters and departments throughout the world is concerned. That is why it is compulsory for all current GBR leaders to attend the course, and those aspiring to lead GBR in future, at different capacities within the various tiers of leadership. We invite especially young people (Future Leaders) in the organisation, to form part of this important holistic training.


2.3.        The third objective of the academy is to ensure that we produce and disseminate knowledge through all kinds of research, innovation and intellectual engagement, so that we can advance the frontiers of knowledge, human understanding and wisdom – the Kingdom Way. We appreciate that society is in continuous evolution with the technological and innovation sectors leading the new revolution, but we appreciate knowledge to be a precursor of all human sciences. We have seen leaders, in the First Class, exert themselves to ensure that they meet the highly demanding and rigorous training. The combination of late nights and early mornings challenged all who were in attendance.


2.4.        Fourth is to engage with our leaders in ways which allow and encourage them to engage critically with knowledge and its production. Through our training, our leaders will not only develop a “critical appreciation of the ways in which we gain knowledge and understanding of the universe, of society, and of ourselves”, but should also be inducted into the intricacies of knowledge-creation. Critical inputs were thus made, to ensure that the next class will be enhanced and more enriching.


We seek to produce leaders who are knowledgeable and skilled; who are critical and democratic citizens and ethical leaders who are committed to the values of human understanding, social justice, human development and service to society; committed to human rights and environmental justice; who will not just see our society or the world as it is but can imagine a better society and a better world and act with courage and conviction to change our society and the world for the better.


2.5.        The Academy exists to bridge the knowledge gap and to ensure that future and current leaders are well versed with the demands of the current day world. That each is in a place to answer the call of their generational question with extreme clarity and sound opinion. Furthermore, it is of absolute importance that all our leaders are well-versed with the organisation’s origins, mandate and scriptural undergirding. This will facilitate continuous alignment and achievement of God’s intended outcomes.




3.             Kingdom Leadership in GBR


3.1.        The key principles of the GBR Leadership Academy are to ensure that we build a firm foundation for effective, efficient, transformational and authentic leadership.

3.2.        GBR Leaders are stewards that will take care of God’s financial resources, people, and other strategic assets in an accountable and transparent manner. This is a great duty they are charged with, to always act in the best interests of God’s people and to represent the Kingdom of God faithfully.

3.3.        The Academy seeks to ensure that our leaders are ready to receive, manage and grow the sea of people and resources that are coming to GBR to build God’s Kingdom.

3.4.        To fulfil the GBR and GFFJ mandates we need to have strong leadership, a professional and well skilled administration, and individuals who are appointed to the right positions which match their competency and skill set.

3.5.        The development and rollout of the training through this programme, which was designed to update and improve knowledge and skills of our leaders give effect to some of the key points that are articulated in our strategy document, the Roadmap to 2020.


4.             Graduates of the First Winter Class


4.1.        We wish to congratulate the inaugural class of the GBR Leadership Academy. You have made us proud by sacrificing your time, putting in that extra effort to widen your knowledge and broaden your skills set to be part of a system of leaders who will be change agents inside and outside the Organisation.

4.2.        We are even more proud that all of you met the academic requirements and excelled in the assessments, tests and assignments (individual and group) that were given. The long nights and early mornings were well worth the effort. We believe you will create opportunities to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills including Strategic Management, Leadership, Finance, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Investments and Emotional Intelligence to mention a few.





4.3.        The following countries were represented in the First Winter Class of GBR Leadership Academy:

·      Swaziland (8) – most of the Swaziland delegates are part of the Interim National Executive Committee. We applaud this notable example by the Swaziland (NEC).

·      Nigeria (3)

·      Tanzania (1)

·      Senegal (1)

·      Zimbabwe (1)

·      South Africa (18)


A total of 32 students attended the inaugural class.


4.4.        Two special awards were issued during graduation, namely:

·      President’s Award, Top Performing Student: His Excellency, Thabang Nkosi, HOD IT & Communication. He obtained an overall aggregate of 98%.

·      Special Recognition Award: Most Senior Student: Her Excellency, Mabel Thovhakale (69 years old).


4.5.        The top three performing students in the class:

·      Mr. Thabang Nkosi, HOD IT & Communication. Overall aggregate of 98%.

·      Mr. Ronnie Mulaudzi, GBR Secretariat. Overall aggregate of 91%.

·      Mr. James Mabundza, Interim Chairperson, GBR Swaziland and GFFJ Chief Ambassador. Overall aggregate of 90%.


4.6.        The following students obtained distinction (overall aggregate of 85% and above):

·      Her Excellency, Londiwe Hlophe, GBR Swaziland.

·      Her Excellency, Nothandi Magodla, GBR South Africa.

·      His Excellency, Thato Mashao, GBR South Africa.

·      His Excellency, Paul Ndaba, GBR South Africa.

·      His Excellency, Musa Ndabandaba, GBR Swaziland.

·      His Excellency, Samkeliso Ngozo, GBR Swaziland.

·      His Excellency, Efi Ramatapa, GBR South Africa.

·      His Excellency, Mpho Sello, GBR South Africa.

·      Her Excellency, Sindisiwe Simelane, GBR Swaziland.


5.             GBR Academy Faculty & Credentials

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