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GBR South Africa Update

 Greetings Your Excellences:

The latest developments in GBR.

1. Some may already be aware but for the rest, we have a new leadership structure referred to as the Interim RSA National Executive Council (NEC), It will function until December 2017, at which time we will elect the permanent NEC structure. The permanent NEC will be representative of all provinces, and each chapter must send two delegates to serve at this level.

2. THE interim NEC holds meetings monthly, if you are unable to join in person, then please join in via Skype, a Skype link will be provided to active chairpersons on request.

3. We are embarking on a massive national relaunch campaign, and HE Simon Ndlovu would like to enlist your assistance in re-launching the following priority provinces, these are : 
a. Mpumalanga – contact person HE Simon Ndlovu
b. Western Cape – contact person HE Nothandi Magodla & HE Bonginkosi Khumalo
c. Eastern Cape – contact person HE Pastor Hilda
d. KZN – contact HE Simon Ndlovu & 
e. North West Province – contact person HE Matime Diale

4. The launch coordinator is HE Vulindlela Ginindza – He will give out a campaign program which will detail which provinces will be launched by when. This campaign will run until end of August 2017. We have literally two months to finish. The entire NEC will as far as possible attend all launches. We need to setup a couple of chapters at a time ( Recommend - more than 4 chapters at a go ) the launches need not be too elaborate, should fit into a 2 hour program, the shorter the program the cheaper it will be to launch. We are looking at a typical chapter budget of sandwich and cool drink, tea and coffee. 

5. Please start identifying people with capacity to lead ( and willing to volunteer their time to the growth of vision 2020) GBR in your area, we would like to be finished with these launches by the end of August 2017, we then want all these new leaders to attend the Thought Leaders Summit in September, and the National Thanksgiving in December. Names of individuals identified to lead, at least 5 names per chapter, please copy HE Vulindlela Ginindza in your reply.

6. HE Simon Ndlovu will be taking up responsibility for putting together national events, and will email you about this in his next email. We need to realise that we have 3 main international events happening in RSA, and these should not be confused with national events, they just happen to take place in RSA, The first is Prayer Camp in KZN, then Congress & AGM as well as Thought Leaders Summit in Johannesburg. National Events will look into having events in all 9 provinces.

7. Last please visit to buy your WOC Summit ticket – Please note that food will be sold at the venue.


Date: 2017/07/03 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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