Weekly Announcements

GBR TV Participation

- 2017/01/16


Camp Memo

- 2017/01/13

Information document for the GBR Prayer Camp

GBR Thought Leaders Delegate Transportation Logistics

- 2016/09/21

Transport Logistics for the Thought Leaders Summit 2016

GBR Announcements 13 May 2016

- 2016/05/13

The Global Business Roundtable announcements for the week ending 13 May 2016

Weekly Announcements - 18 March 2016

- 2016/03/18

The Global Business Roundtable weekly announcements for the week ending on the 18th March 2016

Announcements: 19 February 2016

- 2016/02/12

The announcements of GBR for the week ending on the 19t February of the year 2016

5 October 2015 - Announcements

- 2015/10/05

The Global Business Roundtable Announcements for the week of the 5th October 2015

Speaker Presentation Request

- 2015/09/22

All speakers at the 6th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit 2015 are requested to provide their presentation and profiles as soon as possible.

Protocol for Roundtable Sessions

- 2015/09/22

A few checks all members need to know about protocol and receiving guests at the 6th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit 2015.

GBR Leadership Memorandum

- 2015/09/22

Historical Thought Leaders Summit – preparation of global leadership and for global wealth

Meet our Speaker: Dr Roland Msiska

- 2015/09/21

Meet our Speaker: Dr Roland Msiska the Secretary to the Cabinet in Zambia

Final Urgent Reminder

- 2015/09/19

Seats are limited at the 6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit 2015 and space can only be secured by payment.

6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit Banking Details

- 2015/09/11

The 6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit 2015 will be held over a period of 3 days this September. This high level gathering serves as a great opportunity for the leaders of GBR.

Opportunity Mining (Diamond) Protective clothing - Urgent

- 2015/08/18

May you kindly seek to find any GBR member who may have Business contacts with a company that supplies or manufacture mining works protective clothing, that is complete from head to toe and suitable for the Diamond mining environment.

French lessons

- 2015/07/30

GBR South Africa has organised french lessons for individuals looking to learm the language

GBR Germiston Primrose Launch comment

- 2015/07/06

His Excellency Colin Prolad comments on the GBR Germiston Primrose launch which was held on the 4 July 2014

Prayer's for Cheryl Allen

- 2015/07/03

Her Excellency Cheryl Allen has fallen ill with heart irregularities we join in prayers with the Allen family.

URGENT! Spam mail alert!

- 2015/06/29

There have been unsolicited mail being sent to GBR Members, we caution all members to be vigilant when using links on emails, requesting personal details.

GBR Primrose Pre-Launch

- 2015/06/22

The launch details of the GBR Primrose procedings scheduled on the 4th of July 2015

Mentorship & Coaching Meeting

- 2015/05/27

You are kindly invited to attend the Mentorship and Coaching Department meeting which will take place on Saturday, 30th May 2015,from 10:00 am to 14:30pm, at Sakhumnotho Offices.

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