Weekly Announcements

Session Announcements

- 2017/02/24

1. Your Excellencies, please be reminded that the session starts at 18:30 and we’re all encouraged to be here on time.

GBR Annual Report Submission - Memorandum

- 2017/02/20

All GBR Country Chairpersons and Global Heads of Departments to submit their annual reports detailing work done by chapters and departments during the January 2016 to December 2016 reporting period

Call for New Memorabilia Suppliers

- 2017/02/17

A Notice to all GBR members that registration to supply memorabilia / items for the GBR online shop is now open.

Camp Memo

- 2017/01/13

Information document for the GBR Prayer Camp

GBR Thought Leaders Delegate Transportation Logistics

- 2016/09/21

Transport Logistics for the Thought Leaders Summit 2016

GBR Announcements 13 May 2016

- 2016/05/13

The Global Business Roundtable announcements for the week ending 13 May 2016

Weekly Announcements - 18 March 2016

- 2016/03/18

The Global Business Roundtable weekly announcements for the week ending on the 18th March 2016

Announcements: 19 February 2016

- 2016/02/12

The announcements of GBR for the week ending on the 19t February of the year 2016

5 October 2015 - Announcements

- 2015/10/05

The Global Business Roundtable Announcements for the week of the 5th October 2015

Speaker Presentation Request

- 2015/09/22

All speakers at the 6th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit 2015 are requested to provide their presentation and profiles as soon as possible.

Protocol for Roundtable Sessions

- 2015/09/22

A few checks all members need to know about protocol and receiving guests at the 6th Annual Global Thought Leaders Summit 2015.

GBR Leadership Memorandum

- 2015/09/22

Historical Thought Leaders Summit – preparation of global leadership and for global wealth

Meet our Speaker: Dr Roland Msiska

- 2015/09/21

Meet our Speaker: Dr Roland Msiska the Secretary to the Cabinet in Zambia

Final Urgent Reminder

- 2015/09/19

Seats are limited at the 6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit 2015 and space can only be secured by payment.

6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit Banking Details

- 2015/09/11

The 6th Annual Thought Leaders Summit 2015 will be held over a period of 3 days this September. This high level gathering serves as a great opportunity for the leaders of GBR.

Opportunity Mining (Diamond) Protective clothing - Urgent

- 2015/08/18

May you kindly seek to find any GBR member who may have Business contacts with a company that supplies or manufacture mining works protective clothing, that is complete from head to toe and suitable for the Diamond mining environment.

French lessons

- 2015/07/30

GBR South Africa has organised french lessons for individuals looking to learm the language

GBR Germiston Primrose Launch comment

- 2015/07/06

His Excellency Colin Prolad comments on the GBR Germiston Primrose launch which was held on the 4 July 2014

Prayer's for Cheryl Allen

- 2015/07/03

Her Excellency Cheryl Allen has fallen ill with heart irregularities we join in prayers with the Allen family.

URGENT! Spam mail alert!

- 2015/06/29

There have been unsolicited mail being sent to GBR Members, we caution all members to be vigilant when using links on emails, requesting personal details.

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