Member Support Process

This page serves as a guide to GBR members with regards to logging support tickets as well as the escalation procedure. 

1 The Global Business Roundtable MSC (Member Support Centre) 

  • The MSC is the first line of contact for all member support queries. 
  • The MSC desk is where calls are received, support tickets are generated and tracked and resolutions provided. 
  • This helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week 

2 Logging a Support Ticket 

To log a support ticket please contact the Global Business Roundtable MSC on: 
  • +2711 242 8000

Please ensure you have the following information available when logging a call: 

  • Membership number and contact details 
  • Roundtable Name & Chairperson Name 

3 Self-support Systems 

Where applicable, the following systems are available to members for self-troubleshooting: 

4 Escalation Procedure 

Should a support request not receive a response the following escalation procedure can be followed: 

TIME: Within 24 Hours Within 48 Hours
NAME:Solani Bravo Paul Ndaba
ROLE:Communications Supervisor Communications Manager
TEL:+2778 512 3583 +2779 598 1063

TIME: Final Escalation
NAME:Thabang Nkosi
ROLE:Global IT & Communications HOD
TEL:+2711 242 8005
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