Our Responsibilities

Global Social Services Department
  • Main committee dealing with all member social matters and policies at a global level 
National Social Services Departments
  • National committee dealing with issues of mobilising national capacity and financial support.
Local Social Services Department
  • Local committee taking care of support at roundtable level ground 

The Communication strategy is as follows;

Local Social Services Department.
  • Notify national and global committee upon hearing news of the passing of a member 
  • Provide late member’s full name, GBR designation, photo and contact details 
  • Prepare report on how the matter was handled and submit to NSSD
National Social Services Department
  • Mobilise accumulation of funds and channel these to local committee to contribute when visiting the bereaved family before the funeral 
  • Consolidate LSSD reports and submit to GSSD quarterly 
Global Social Services Department
  • Send a notice to the global GBR family and coordinate support given to ensure fairness 
  • Consolidate LSSD reports to compile annual report
Our Responsibilities | Social Services