About Five Fold Ministers Council

What is the Five-fold Ministers Council of the Global Business Roundtable?

The Five-Fold Ministers' Council  is a strategic component of the Global Business Roundtable comprising strictly of God ordained, man recognised and biblically outlined ministers;
  • Pastors, 
  • Evangelist, 
  • Teachers, 
  • Apostles and 
  • Prophets 
Who are members of the Global Business Roundtable across the world. 

'Glocal - The fivefold ministers council at the Global Business Roundtable, has to operate Glocally; global vision, global view, global strategy and impacting every part of the world but locally rooted and relevant in every community in the four corners of the world.'

The Pillar of Elders
Every house needs foundations and pillars to stand. In a truthful house of God, there are seven pillars to build on (proverbs 9:1) and the Global Business Roundtable is no different. 
These pillars are 
  • 1. Covenant 
  • 2. Vision 
  • 3. Mandate 
  • 4. Preceding word 
  • 5. Families 
  • 6. Leadership (elect visionary - the convener) 
  • 7. Elders and members 

The five fold ministers council at the Global Business Roundtable is one of the seven pillars that the house needs to build on to stand effectively; it occupies the 7th gate of the elders. The Apostle Paul referred to Peter and James as pillars amongst the church on his first visit to the church in Jerusalem. 

The five fold of pastors, evangelists, teachers, prophets and apostles are also known as elders in scriptures. This is a very strategic gate because the foundation of the church is built on prophets and apostles with Christ Jesus as the Chief corner stone Ephesians 2:20. The five fold comprising of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists are foundational pillars to build any kingdom assignment, nations and organisations. 

The five fold within GBR will work from the local chapter to the city/national and global platform to strengthen the foundations with kingdom protocol and become pillars to carry the weight of the spiritual matters in prayers, cutting edge prophetic counsels, walls of spiritual defense standing for the mandate of GBR to flourish in their territories as spiritual elders at the gates of those nations.
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