Five Fold Ministers Council Conference

"Elders at the Global Gate"

As we advance the frontiers of the kingdom mandate in the 21st century, there is a clarion call to assemble prophetically minded, apostolically and globally focused elders at the gate.

The times demand that they must be graced to articulate and pursue the call of the Ecclessia to light up a world that is deeply engrossed in darkness.

To this end, the Global Business Roundtable will be holding its maiden Five-fold Minister's summit. The theme is driven by the Lord's vision to see a governing ecclessia that rises beyond rhetorics to strategically pursuing and showcasing the manifestation of the sons of God to a world in dire need of solutions for a myriad of challanges.

As men and nations continue to question the validty of our faith and the relevance of the Church, we must ask ourselves; "is there not a cause to sound the alarm in Zion, to awaken the mighty men and to assemble the elders at the global gate?"

There is no better hour for the elders of the five fold to unite and demostrate a glimpse of what the kingdom era holds in store for the world.

This is a date for prophecy and destiny to colide... view programme

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