Our Objectives

The five-fold ministers' council connects with the overriding desire of the Global Business Roundtable to unite the Ecclesia in order to pursue its kingdom economics mandate in every city and nation of the world. 

Unity with a Purpose 
The Global Business Roundtable is a divine vehicle, an "exodus" agency, a movement with a mandate to unleash the kingdom economic strategy to galvanize God's people to the original purpose of the great commission to disciple nations and systems for kingdom impact and territorial oversight in the outpost stations of the earth.

The four fundamental reasons why unity has eluded the ecclesia so far are;
  • 1. The roots of cultural divide and prejudice Acts.10 ( Paul rebukes Peter for cultural prejudice)
  • 2. Doctrinal difference (doctrines of demons)
  • 3. Bewitchment (Galatians 3:1)
  • 4. Competition

With this in mind, the fivefold has to employ prophetically sensitive intercession to overcome these hindrances to unity as it works to accomplish its objectives. 
In order to achieve this global unity across the Body of Christ through the Global Business Roundtable, the fivefold ministers' council will seek to deliver a platform for the following objectives
  • 1. To spiritually prepare the grounds for GFFJ
  • 2. To unite the fivefold leadership of each member nation and region
  • 3. To articulate and pursue the prophetic destiny of the host nation and to strategize a long term and short term kingdom vision for the host nation and region
Our Objectives | Five Fold Ministers