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Piercing Through the Veils

Discipleship | 2015/11/05 |

God wants His people to have a fresh set of eyes that pierce through the veils that are over the nation(s). ...Read more

Nativity & Nations Transformation

Discipleship | 2015/08/03 |

Taken from one of our partners in Zimbabwe Apostle Chisango, i shared it becos we are talking about destroying evil altars hindering the full impact ...Read more

Importance of Communion

Discipleship | 2015/07/29 |

We will deal with the issue of job creation some day , our role as the church to prepare families as the main sources of job creation through family ...Read more

Importance of Discipleship

Discipleship | 2015/07/23 |

There is a vital importance of discipleship to the body of Christ generally and in GBR particularly. ...Read more

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