Senegal Ministers Forum

The event was a success, all those that were complaining or threatening to leave GBR were soothed by H.E. K.C George's performance from the Wednesday afternoon program itself. 

All the Pastors that came gave a good report on the program, and understood the principles on which GBR are based. Even some of the Assemblies of God Pastors agreed to meet H.E. K.C. George and AJR over coffee after lunch on Friday. 

Many people we had been talking too really took us seriously during this program. A group people stood up to receive the GBR Mandate in Senegal The prophetic was activated on Thursday as soon as AJR took the mic. He confirmed words that had already been given by Cindy Jacobs but that had never been pushed to accomplishment. 

The prophetic act done that same evening on the beach cleared the atmosphere right away and certainly destroyed the ley lines network over the city. For us lodging at the hotel we did not noticed it at first but as the land was redeemed, water problem arose in the nation. The government used the city water system to charm the people to be peaceful and favor islam. 

After that evening the city looked different. We left the hotel without owing them a dime, which is often a problem during "Christian's programs", the hotel even told me they were amazed we paid it all before the end of the program. It was done but we had to shake ourselves to get to that result. 

"The custom water bottle really added to the caliber of the event."

The Excellences that came demonstrated that GBR is founded on the Rock that is Christ and on prayer. For all those that were there, they witnessed GBR leading the shifting of the atmosphere to the point where Monday morning the president of the republic declared decrees that will favor Children of God to get into business and GBR to invest in the Nation. 

As a first, this even was piloted by the National Chair, however, now that there is a good group of pastors that caught the vision, they can already prepare for the 5 Fold Ministry Forum 2016 with a goal of at least 100 participants and include the Gala Diner to close.

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