About the Platinum Strategy

The strategy recognizes that since GBR exists in every city, town and village, and across a diverse spectrum of socio-economic conditions, not all GBR chapters will function at the same level of output at the same time. 

Some chapters will function more efficiently depending on the resourcefulness and social standing and or "connectedness" of the key individuals within that chapter. And others will take some time to reach a certain level of output owing to certain limitations they may find themselves subjected to. Irrespective of the limitations and challenges, all GBR chapters have a good story to tell. This story will be much more meaningful if we can capture the context or the set of circumstances under which the story is told. 

Therefore, this strategy will help us acknowledge the efforts of a chapter irrespective of where they may find themselves in terms of their level development, and it will help us compare apples with apples, and to give recognition where it is due, as well as help identify areas of weakness where support is needed. 

There's an old management adage that says: 
"what you cannot measure, you cannot manage, and what you cannot manage you cannot improve!" 

Therefore, we can't manage for improvement if we can't measure to see what is getting better and what is getting worse. This is not just about taking and keeping scores, but about managing the actions that will give us a better score!
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