Members in Good Standing Policy Explanation

Achievement of these desired outcomes have been described as achieving the status of being "a member in good standing" and defined as:

1. First and foremost, the period of membership under review is a minimum of 1 year. This is important because we would like to reward those who have been faithful and showed consistent commitment to GBR work for no less than a year. We do acknowledge that there are individuals who have done amazing amount of work for GBR in a two months period, and have probably done more than what others could do in a six months period. However, this outcome asks you to keep that effort consistent for at least one year, this would help to make GBR initiatives more sustainable.

2. We require that if you are a leader at your chapter, that you should attend no less than 60% of the 22 GBR sessions in the year under review, which means in the 11 months period, a chapter should have had 22 GBR sessions, therefore a general member should have attended no less than 11 GBR sessions and leaders should have attended at least 13 GBR sessions.

2.1. It is very important to note that the sessions referred to, must be GBR sessions! They are not to be substituted by MOI or WOC sessions, or any other committee session, the exception here is if you had to attended a GBR session elsewhere and not at your roundtable, and if you had to speak at a future leader’s session.

2.2. We are also aware that some individuals started or became GBR members in the course of the year and have attended the minimum number of GBR sessions required but, they fall short of the first criteria - this unfortunately disqualifies them. As all the required criteria should be met at the same time.

3. We require that a member should have attended - the Annual Prayer Camp or GBR Conference or travelled internationally on GBR work. We would like to encourage GBR members to travel and network globally.

4. We require active participation in the life of GBR as such we would like members to provide proof of their active participation in two GBR committees or departments.
  • We have seen in the past how people have reported that they serve in two departments but those departments have not met even once throughout the entire year! This is a passive, dysfunctional and an undesirable outcome.
  • So we ask members to prove that the departments they serve in have been active and that they have indeed participated actively, by submitting the minutes as well as an attendance register of a meeting of such committees they serve in.
  • In the case where attendance registers are not available, then we request the heads of departments of committees where a member serves to attach a letter on a GBR letterhead confirming the active participation of that member.

5. We require members to be actively involved in the vision of GFFC and to support this vision as ambassadors.
  • Therefore, we request members to register as GFFC ambassadors on and to assist in the attainment of the GFFC vision. 
6. A member in good standing should be a believer in Christ.
Members in Good Standing Policy Explanation | Branch Platinum Strategy