Chairperson Submission Checklist

This is a check-list of all the required supporting documents for your submission for GEE Scheme 2015. 

Please tick to confirm that the instruction is followed or that the documents are attached. 

  • Use only the Standard Excel template provided
  • Submit per chapter (each chairperson is responsible for their chapter's submission)
  • All members listed must meet all the conditions as set out in the criteria 100%
  • Provide name and surname of members (don't use initials)
  • Period of membership should be expressed as the length of time a person has been a member of GBR ( for example: write the period of membership as 2 years or 8 months)
  • Number of sessions attended should be expressed as percentage out of 20 GBR sessions between September 2014 to August 2015
  • Attach attendance registers of all your GBR sessions for the period between September 2014 and August 2015.
  • Provide proof per member of active participation in 2 departments or committees -(an attendance register and minutes of each of the 2 committee's meeting or activity will suffice).
  • Members requested to register as ambassadors on
  • GBR chairpersons must attach a letter on a GBR letterhead confirming that list is a truthful submission.
  • Submissions must be in by end of business on Friday 14 August 2015
  • The subject line on your email should read: Members in Good Standing: "Chapter Name" - "Country name" or "Province". Example: 
  • Subject: Members in Good Standing - Gondeni - Mpumalanga or Subject: Members in Good Standing - Gondeni - Maputo - Mozambique.

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Chairperson Submission Checklist | Branch Platinum Strategy