I want to tell others about what was presented.
I have the confidence to use the knowledge gained from the summit in my life.
The summit has given me ways to become a better GBR Member
The pamphlets handed out were useful.
The presenters communicated the information clearly.
The presenters engaged the audience.
The presenters made the subject matter compelling.
The presenters were able to answer questions.
The content was presented in a well-structured manner
The pace of the presentations was right for me.
The summit was relevant to me.
The summit was thought provoking.
The summit content was meaningful to me.
The summit met my purpose in attending.
The summit presentations were related to the knowledge I needed.
The summit made me think about my own future endeavours.
The summit motivated me to take action.
The duration of the summit was right.
The venue was conveniently located.
The food catering was of a good standard.
The people service was friendly and welcoming.
The summit was well organised
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