About the WOC Summit 2017

The theme for the WOC Global Summit 2016 is 'Africa as the Next Economic Frontier: The Role of Women in Shaping Africa’s Destiny”' which speaks to the following:

As a global platform with a mandate of holistic development, with this Summit, we challenge women to be Africa's Next Economic Frontier.  We believe that now is the time for women to Shaping Africa’s Destiny” in their fullness, taking charge of the roles and positions God has given them in the various mountains of society, thus making an impact within their families, ministries, organisations, communities and nations.  We will invite women from government, business, academia, the church, NGOs and other relevant organisations to come share the various ways in which women can lead, influence and bring about lasting, divine inspired solutions to societal challenges we face.

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About the WOC Summit 2017 | WOC Summit 2017