GBR Future Leaders

To equip young people with Kingdom leadership principles for the GBR’s objectives, globally and intentionally train and develop young people for future leadership, Not only for the future of GBR but to equip, develop, prepare and instill a Godly Culture and breed successful leaders of Integrity and Character for Communities across the world. An important component of this is universities and colleges, Institutions of education are the engine rooms where the future of a nation is formed. GBR Future Leaders Student chapters are about going into the engine rooms and molding a new leader that is aware of their responsibility to themselves, their family, community, nation and the world. We are focused on delivering on the following objectives:
• Spiritual Growth
• Development of Business Knowledge
• Networks and Skills
• Career Guidance and Development
• Intellectual Capacitation and Development
• Acquisition of Life Skills
• Health Awareness and Sports Participation
• Creation and Execution of Mentorship Programs
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Jun 27 2022


All Day


Venue to be announced

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