Birth of GBR

The Global Business Roundtable was established with 12 people on 21 August 2009, on a patio in Sandton. It started as a discussion forum, as well as a support, networking and prayer group for people in business and various intellectual professions.


1st Anniversary

The first annual conference was well attended by different categories of members of the GBR and invited guests who represented different sectors of society, including amongst others corporates, small and medium enterprises, professionals, academics, spiritual leaders, labour organisations, non-governmental organisations and other sectors of society.


2nd Anniversary

GBR partnered with the Global Institute for Evangelists headed by Bishop Dalton Keith Adams, which was held in April 2011 at the Harvest Dome Church in Johannesburg. The launch was a great success and the Institute started operations 2 months after the launch and enrolled about 35 student evangelists in its first year.


Celebrating the Goodness of God

The year 2012 was exciting and productive for GBR in many respects. Our Roundtables in South Africa experienced phenomenal growth in membership. Furthermore, we expanded from around 30 to about 66 Roundtables, nationwide. Internationally GBR grew from 5 to 14 countries.


Sustainability & Growth

The organisation experienced a great move of God and continued exponential growth that was unprecedented. At this point GBR reached the threshold of 10 000 members spread across eight SADC countries, eight West Africa countries, two East Africa countries, two Central Africa countries, the USA and Spain.


Continued Growth

GBR continued to experience both organic and inorganic growth globally. This was accomplished through various country launches, followed by Trade and Investment Summits to facilitate the growth of our members and their businesses through the GBR networking platform. In South Africa, our Roundtables grew from 98 to 120. Internationally GBR grew from 19 countries in March 2014 to 33 countries in March 2015.



In 2016, we experienced accelerated growth through our Launch strategy as well as strategic partnerships. We entered into strategic partnerships in the media space with TBN in Africa, Redemption Television Ministry (RTM), One Gospel, The Voice of the Church (VOC), Radio Pulpit, and Swaziland Television Authority (STVA), which are all key in ensuring that we attain our Vision 2025 objective of being in 200 nations.


A New Thing

Based on Isaiah 43:19, 2016 saw the launch of The Leadership Academy, which commenced its operations in May 2017. The Academy trained more than 80 leaders and members of GBR from various countries, including South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Two graduations were held, the first in June 2017 and the second in September of the same year. Another exciting strategic initiative was the launch of the GBR TV programme, called "A New Thing". Three seasons of content were produced with the aim to empower members of GBR and the general public, from around the world.


Growth in Strategic Partnerships

The organisation continued to engage in strategic partnerships including the Department of Small Business Development, Africa Forum, Henley Business School, City of Ekurhuleni, In-on-Africa Publication, and the inclusion of various traditional leaders and royal houses. These partnerships were instrumental in GBR's programmes, such as the World Congress for Trade and Investment, the first SME summit held, and an expansion of our exhibition platform.


Pursue, Overtake and Recover All

Based on the scripture, 1 Samuel 30:8; GBR was ready for the completion of its foundation years and to see the fulfilment of God's promises over the decade and preparation for its 10th year Anniversary.


Come Buy For Free

Like most other organisations, GBR's activities were disrupted due to the advent of COVID-19. The organisation spent time reflecting and refining various programmes, devising strategies to take GBR into the next decade. The launch of the virtual international session was one of the key milestones during this era. The GBR virtual international sessions have experienced exponential growth and reached many across the globe. As a result, GBR saw the manifestation of Isaiah 55:1 during this period.