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How do I become a member?

Apply online and receive application number. After your registration has been approved, start attending sessions at your local Roundtable.

Where is my closest Roundtable?

View under branches, and select your closest branch.

What is the Global Business Roundtable’s main objectives?

The holistic development of a person, view areas of focus and objectives.

Where did the Global Business Roundtable start?

GBR started on a Patio in Sandton, South Africa, view our history

What is the Annual Prayer Camp about?

GBR was founded in prayer. What better way to start the year off than devoting time to share God’s direction for your upcoming year, view more info.

Who attends the Annual General Assembly?

All Global Business Roundtable members and chapters must attend or send representatives to attend and receive reports of GBR’s past activities and future plans, and more about the AGM.

How do I pay for conferences and events?

GBR has a secure payment portal with all the Official Bank Accounts. See secure payments.

What should I do if I have forgotten my GBR login password/membership number?
Follow the link to reset your password or if you’ve forgotten your membership number <reset password/forgotten username>