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The diversity of our membership means that GBR can offer its individual and corporate members access to a wide array of professional expertise, exciting business and personal development and growth opportunities; all within a global community of like-minded people. GBR membership is open to any individual or organisation in the world that shares a passion for our vision and values. Current GBR Membership categories include: Corporates; Small & Medium Enterprises; Professionals; Associate Members; and Individuals.

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People are one of the most important resources in an organisation, especially a non-profit entity. One of our foundational pillars of success is the mobilisation of human capital from all nations, backgrounds, diverse expertise and experiences in their pursuit to advance the GBR mandate globally. To volunteer your time, skills, or talent to help build GBR, click the button below.



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Get Involved Internships

An important part of the GBR mandate is to invest in the future of the next generation. This includes the GBR Internship Programme, where selected interns have the opportunity to work as part of one team with the GBR executives and operational personnel. This experience leaves a lasting impact on the lives of interns and could open doors to eventually joining the GBR team on a full-time basis or to partner with GBR in countries worldwide. 


GBR Internship opportunities are available at most of GBR’s offices, including the Global HQ office in Johannesburg, South Africa.