Design and implement impactful programmes in the 8 sectors of society at global, regional, national and local levels
Each GBR Sector is headed up by a highly experienced executive in the Global Office, tasked to establish similar sector leadership in the GBR Regional and Country Offices. These sectors lead the way to establish community-impacting projects in the nations.


The GBR Sectors are mandated to develop and implement various programmes and projects, which can be rolled out from the global office to create sustainable impact in the regional, national and local structures of GBR. Each sector is to identify high-priority areas of intervention, tailored to address human development issues around the world in a very specific way. Working together with other values-aligned stakeholders, such as NGOs, multi-lateral institutions, corporates, and government entities, the GBR Sector executives could collaborate and share best practices for effective implementation. It is envisioned that these holistic development programmes and projects delivered by the GBR Sectors would be in areas such as empowerment, poverty alleviation, moral regeneration, leadership development and creating centres of excellence where academia, government and other institutions can draw knowledge.

The GBR sectors are as follows:

  1. Faith and Spiritual Development
  2. Family and Society
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Politics, Leadership and Governments
  5. Media and Communications
  6. Arts, Recreation, Culture and Sports (ARCS)
  7. Business, Economy and Finance
  8. Education and Intellectual Development


Faith & Spiritual Development

As the Global Business Roundtable, we put God first in all we do, in line with God’s plan for His Kingdom to expand globally. A key Scripture that informs what we do is found in the words of Jesus: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6v33

As such we strive to pursue God’s will – not only on an individual level, but also to bring about systemic change that will impact people from all nations.

We are committed to reset, reform and restore all sectors of society – beginning with the spiritual dimension of people’s lives. Romans 12:2 teaches us not to conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Then we will be able to test and approve what God’s good, pleasing and perfect will is.

Family & Society

In society today, the family structure has taken on a very different identity from God’s original intent as modelled in the Bible. The principles in God’s Word that govern our roles within the family are more relevant than ever before.

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua declared that he and his household would serve the Lord. This was within a society that committed half-heartedly in their service to a living God. This challenge made society realise that God was the only true Lord and the One who could rescue them.

Today we need that same God to rescue the family construct within societal degradation. It starts with us to declare that our households will only serve the one true God.


Science and Technology

Technology has undoubtedly permeated all our spheres of life, be it health, education, agriculture, business, economy, social development and sports. We are dedicated to the public good, pursuing the creation and dissemination of knowledge to the highest international standards, thereby impacting and transforming the wider society.

We serve as a resource for science and technology decision-makers and those providing the education of future decision-makers. We will improve how science and technology policies address societal needs, including research, education and service.

We will raise leaders who will make strides in GBR as well as their respective spheres in society, which will allow them impartation of critical institutional/GBR knowledge to protégés, thereby ensuring that the mandate of GBR is carried on from generation to generation.

Politics, Leadership & Governments

The Global Business Roundtable Political Leadership and Governance Sector seeks to align leadership institutions to God’s will so that leadership works to create value for the people and the common man through enhanced innovative leadership premised on love, honesty, integrity and accountability.

Exodus 18:21 But select capable men* from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain – and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.

*Passing on of the mantle to the next generation...raising Joshuas

Media & Communications

Our goal towards Vision 2025 is to be able to connect the ever-growing GBR network seamlessly and effortlessly across all continents. We aim to develop and use all our Communications Assets towards creating one voice and one heart in GBR & GFFJ’s mission, vision and values.

What are the functions of the GBR IT & Communications department?

Website: Our main focus as the GBR communications department is to ensure all content of the website is updated and streamlined. Every department and roundtable update their page regularly on the site in order to keep the website information relevant and current.

How has this improved the website?

The GBR website now has departmental pages allowing specifically targeted communication. Departmental pages are now points of priority and focus.

Arts, Recreation, Culture and Sports (ARCS)

The Sports Department wants to ensure growth in our members’ holistic development, through the engagement of a healthy lifestyle. The Sports Department wants to ensure growth in our members’ holistic development, through the engagement of a healthy lifestyle. We are planning on impacting communities and nations through the implementation of sports clinics targeted at improving the lives of the youth. 

GBR Sport comprises three components:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Physical Education
  3. Sports Events

Economy, Business, Finance & Investments

The aim is to ensure we provide services that cater to the economy, finance, entrepreneurship and business sector. The role of this department within the Global Business Roundtable is to develop business individuals who are completely spiritually, financially, culturally and socially with the mind of Christ.

This holistic approach will enable us to produce businessmen and -women of integrity and character, who will stand against all man-created challenges.

Programme will include:

  • Business skills training for Entrepreneurs

  • Providing mentorship programmes for Entrepreneurs

  • Exposing Entrepreneurs to business opportunities that will enable them to access the market and clientele

  • Ensuring that Entrepreneurs become part of their own communities through community initiatives or programmes

  • Creating back office support services for all the businesses in our database

  • Creating partnerships within SMEs in our database

Education & Intellectual Development

The role of this department within the Global Business Roundtable is to develop business individuals who are completely spiritually, financially, culturally and socially with the mind of Christ.

This holistic approach will enable us to produce businessmen and -women of integrity and character, who will stand against all man-created challenges. 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

We actively pursue reforming and restoring all sectors of society to God’s original design. This causes a global ripple effect
of blessing as we place God first in everything. You can become a part of this vision through:
  • Membership
  • 24/7 prayer and intercession
  • The Divine Design Series
  • Worship Team
  • Networking your church, business, and organisation through mutual endorsements and partnerships


We have a growing network of spiritual leaders from different churches and parachurch organisations that partner with and endorse the work of GBR. These are pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles and prophets who are called to equip the saints.
This network is known as the Five-Fold Minister’s Forum.

The Five-Fold Ministry within GBR works from the local chapter to the city/national and global platform to strengthen the foundations of our members with God’s Kingdom values and become pillars to carry the weight of spiritual matters in prayers, cutting-edge prophetic counsels; walls of spiritual defense, standing for the mandate of GBR to flourish in their territories as spiritual elders at the gates of those nations.

The Five-Fold Spiritual Council is a strategic component of the Global Business Roundtable, strictly comprising God-ordained, recognised and biblically outlined ministers. They provide spiritual oversight and direction to the work of GBR.


Our foundations are firmly rooted in prayer. This makes the Intercession Department a vital part of the organisation. Our vision as the Intercessory team is to advance the Kingdom of God through strategic intercessory prayer.

Our mission is “to raise an altar unto the Most High where the fire of intercession will continuously burn throughout the world 24 hours a day.”

The Global Business Roundtable Intercession Department’s goal is to train, equip and raise teams of intercessors in each town, city, province, state, country, region, who will cover the 24-hour prayer chain every day of the week. The basic tenet is that there will be people praying for the mandate throughout the world.


The Music and Worship department ushers in the presence of God before any business or developmental issues are discussed. This is in line with GBR’s chief guiding principle in Matthew 6:23; “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” The worship team instils and helps GBR to apply this biblical guideline before we pursue and gain the economies of the world.

GBR worship is guided by John 4:24, “The true worshipper shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks. God is Spirit and His worshippers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

Currently, the Team has around 20 members who comprise a complete set of instrumentalists and a reasonable number of vocalists. The band is eclectic, comprising 2 Pianists, 2 Bass Players, 2 Drummers, a Flutist, a Violinist, and a Clarinetist. The objective of the worship team is to ensure that we produce Gospel music that appeals to the members of the Global Business Roundtable and to believers worldwide, bearing in mind the different musical tastes of the audience. We are about ministering God’s Word through Corporate Gospel Music. The goal is to ensure high-quality music that is of an international standard, as well as to produce committed and fully skilled musicians that serve at the highest level of excellence.

Our first album (GBR Worship) is available on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to listen to our anthem: Nkosi Sihlangene.

This sector focuses all its attention and resources to holistically train, develop and empower GBR members to be spiritually, emotionally, and relationally restored contributors, exhibiting a culture of honour within their own families and societies according to biblical principles.

This is also showing unconditional love for one another in line with our founding scripture. In Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it, you shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the Prophets.”

Through our multi-purpose partnerships, we centralise our efforts around key areas such as:

  • Family equipping & enabling programmes
  • Child welfare initiatives
  • Neighbourhood enrichment projects
  • Future leaders’ capacitation platforms


The global holistic development process that GBR has embarked on with each of its global sectors also places a spotlight on Family & Society; to be resilient and thriving as an outflow of reconciled, reconnected Godly family governance.

Our intention is to strategically partner with like-minded and heart-aligned public; non-profit, philanthropic, civic and educational organisations and businesses that support youth development, health, employment, education and resident engagement.

Three of our annual flagship events are:

  • Women of Character
  • Men of Integrity
  • Future leaders’ capacitation platforms


Furthermore, we provide multiple live online input sessions throughout the year.

We seek to boost industrialisation and modernisation in a global scale through science, technology and innovation.

GBR Science and Technology (S&T) as a Global Sector will harness its institutional capacity while it seeks to collaborate with countries’ organisations and institutions to conduct needs-based research in specific national areas of interest and priorities.

GBR S&T will advance science, technology and innovation in the following wide thematic areas:

  • Automation, Robotics and Additive Manufacturing
  • Genomics, Nanotechnology, Healthcare and Medicine
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Climate Change, Global Warming and Conservation
  • Food Security, Precision Agriculture and Forestry
  • Energy, Materials, Carbon Resources, Devices and Systems
  • IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Homes and Urbanisation
  • STEM, Technology-Based Entrepreneurship and Jobs-of-the-Future 

Policy and Administration: This office coordinates Leadership and Governance activities across the world and provides barometric indicators for governance.  

Global Governance: Global Governance deals with issues of ensuring global public goods including peace and security, justice, conflict resolution, functional markets and unified standards for trade and industry. GBR works with states, non-state actors, industry, and multi-lateral agencies.  

Conflict Resolution and International Relations: The sub-specialisation looks at promoting peace and peaceful co-existence in a globalised atmosphere.

Strategic Partnerships: GBR works and seeks mutually beneficial partnerships with various implementing and funding partners, in order to provide comprehensive and holistic services. 

Leadership Development: GBR works to boost the global pipeline of innovative and visionary leadership and to further enhance qualities of honesty, integrity and love for the people.

The Media & Communications Department is considered as the backbone of GBR & GFFJ. We are living in the Information Age. Arguably, the most important invention of the millennium is the internet. Today, some of the biggest companies on earth are in the media and communications space. Names like Google, Facebook and Netflix are household names. Some, like Apple, have a market capitalisation of more than a trillion dollars. In the 21st century, every single sphere of our lives is greatly influenced by information and communication.

The Information Age has brought great progress and opportunity to mankind. The flipside of the coin is unimaginable damage done via ungodly media and information that has set itself against the knowledge of God.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.”

The time has come to bring the Kingdom of God to the mountain of media and communications like never before. We salute those who have for years and decades been a shining light in that space. We are looking forward to working with them and launching a global drive of new GBR Media and Communications projects that will put the spotlight where it belongs: on Jesus Christ, the glorious Son of God who is sitting at the right hand of the Father.

Mankind will be set free only if it knows the truth. Jesus is that truth (John 14:6). The mandate of GBR Media and Communications is to bring this Truth to the masses of the world.

Mass Media | Social Media | Christian programmes | Christian shows | Christian movies | Holiness in media | Family values in media | All media as a platform for evangelism and discipleship | Media as a tool to fight trafficking, abuse and gender-based violence (GBV) | Media as a tool to empower education; enterprise development | Media as a tool to empower all the GBR Mountains | Media as a platform to empower influencers and business leaders | Media as an instrument to fund GBR Resource Mobilisation | Media as a platform to give a voice to godly community leaders and influencers worldwide | Creating synergies through partnerships with existing media and communications entities | Community forums | Facilitating communication and interaction between Christians in countries globally

GBR Media and Communications is inviting Christian media and communications companies, ministries and churches in countries worldwide, to discuss potential partnerships and cooperation.


This department is focussed on planning activities of the Sports department of the Global Business Roundtable (GBR). It gives details of the strategies that the departments will follow in order to support and ensure that the Sports department is able to fulfil its mandate. “Our vision is to create an atmosphere that will allow a balance between our members’ health and their spiritual, work and personal lives” 

The Sports department wants to ensure growth in our members’ holistic development, through the engagement of a healthy lifestyle.The Sports department wants to ensure growth in our members’ holistic development, through the engagement of a healthy lifestyle. We are planning on impacting communities and nations through the implementation of sports clinics targeted at improving the lives of the youth. 

GBR Sport comprises of three components:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Physical education
  3. Sports events

SMME Development

Consistently ranked among the top consulting firms across the nation.


Business Matchmaking

Dedicated to providing personal attention to all our clients.


Finance Facilitation

We take pride in fighting for individuals, not big insurance companies.

Knowledge is a human right and should be available, accessible and affordable for all humankind.

As the COVID-19 pandemic presents the greatest threat to human health in over a century, people expect their leaders to resolve the crisis and protect their health, their livelihoods, education and their future well-being.

GBR Education and Intellectual Development (EID) is devoted to transforming the education sector through research and development by bringing blended learning that includes contact, online, augmented and virtual (AVR) education and industry training solutions.

We will embed an international dimension into our educational activities. This holistic approach will enable us to produce professional men and women of integrity and character who will stand against all man-created challenges.

GBR EID’s role within the Global Business Roundtable Chapter is the following:

  • To recruit and develop people of the highest intrinsic talent and potential, and nurture their careers.
  • To achieve maximum impact from our academic work through public engagement and partnerships with business, government, charities, cultural organisations and others in the wider community.

GBR EID will advance innovation, research and development in the following wide thematic areas:

  • Young People’s Education and Advancement
  • Women, Livelihoods Support and Development
  • Business, Enterprise Development and Innovation
  • Executive Development and Transformation
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Doctoral Training Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Professional Academic Development and Exchanges